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Sodium acrylate


Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate is a new type of functional polymer material and important chemical product. The solid product is white (or light yellow) block or powder, and the liquid product is colorless (or light yellow) viscous liquid. Dissolved in cold water, warm water, glycerin, propylene glycol and other media, it is stable to temperature changes, has the effect of fixing metal ions, can prevent the negative effects of metal ions on the product, and is a surfactant with a variety of special properties.

Product name

Sodium polyacrylate


Cosmetic Grade/Food Grade


White powder/granular

Test Method



Water soluble




1 kg


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s a dispersant, can also be used as an auxiliary coating. Sodium polyacrylate is a kind of polyanionic polymer dielectric, which is a kind of widely used chemical products developed in modern times. In environmental protection, food, medicine, textile, water treatment, petrochemical, metallurgy and other departments have a wide range of applications. Sodium polyacrylate includes water soluble and water swelling two categories, water swelling of sodium polyacrylate belongs to the category of hyperabsorbent resin. Another water-soluble sodium polyacrylate is widely used in food, feed, textile, paper making, water treatment, petrochemical, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, physiological health and other fields because of its different molecular weight and has a variety of different properties.

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