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Poly (1, 4-butanediol Succinate) (hereunder PBS) is a kind of fully biodegradable macromolecular polymer that is synthesized from succinic acid and butanediol through a direct process of condensation polymerization. On specific conditions, this material can be finally decomposed safely and innoxiously into simple compounds such as CO2, H2O, etc.

PBS has predominant characteristics such as good thermal stability, fine mechanical and processing performance. It can be molding processed in normal plastic fabrication apparatus. Because of its excellent integrated performance, it also can be blended with other fully biodegradable plastic materials to modify the property to satisfy all kinds of manufacturing requirements of plastic products.
CAS No.: 25777-14-4 

Application: mainly used as basic material in the bellowing fields
1. In packaging field, e.g. films, bags, boxes, cosmetics bottles, packing for electronic parts, etc.
2. In one-off implement field, e.g. disposable dining & drinking tableware, disposable medical articles, etc.
3. In agricultures field, e.g. agricultural films, delayed release materials for pesticide and fertilizer, etc.
4. In medical field, e.g. biomedical polymeric materials, etc.

Stability and Shelf Life: Stored in dry places with normal temperature and the shelf life of the original packaging is as long as 12 months.

Packaging: paper-plastic multiplex bags, 25Kgs/bag

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