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CAS: 13408-78-1 Purity Specification: 99% Product category: food additives main application Medical aspects ① is used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin B12 deficiency. ② is used for gastrectomy or malabsorption syndrome, and vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia prevention. ③ is used to supplement the increased demand for vitamin B12 due to wasting diseases, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, lactation, etc. ④ nutritional and pregnancy anemia. ⑤ anaemia. ⑥ Liver Disorder Anemia. Leukopenia caused by the ⑦ radioactivity. ⑧ has nerve pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. ⑨ peripheral neuritis, peripheral nerve paralysis. ⑩ myelitis, spinal cord degeneration. Can be used for: ① vitamin B12 deficiency caused by pig and chicken growth dysplasia and anemia; ② endemic emaciation disease in cattle and sheep in cobalt deficiency areas; Non-specific treatment of ③ neuritis and neuralgia; ④ improves the utilization rate of feed protein; ⑤ economic animal breeding; In ⑥, treating fish eggs or fish fry with B12 solution, improves the tolerance of fish to toxic substances such as benzene and heavy metals in the water. else ① food additives ② can be used as food colorants: such as ham, sausage, ice cream, and fish meat sauce. ③ is used in cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, etc., and can also be used in toilets, refrigerators, mouth and other odor prevention, to eliminate the smell of sulfide and aldehydes.Detoxicity of air pollutants

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